Thursday, February 2, 2012

Blue Lacuna Fan Art

A while ago I received a beautiful piece of art illustrating a moment from Blue Lacuna. I was excited not just because it's a beautiful image, but because it was the work of Evan Dahm, one of my favorite webcomic artists. I had previously read Evan's beautiful Rice Boy, a heartbreaking, mythic fable set in a fantastical world. (Anyone who enjoyed Blue Lacuna would certainly like Rice Boy, too.)

I think what pleases me most about the image is its remarkable attention to the particulars of the story. Beyond just the topography of the island, tiny details are just right-- like the outfit the central character is wearing, or the tunnel mouth by the roots of the windsigh tree. You can click on the image for a larger version.

So thanks, Evan, for the gift; and if you haven't read Rice Boy (or Evan's current episodic webcomic, Vattu) it's well worth checking out.


gnome said...

Stunning art inspired by an amazing game. Thank you!

Jizaboz said...

Very nice picture