Saturday, April 30, 2011

what if im the bad guy? and other stories

My MFA exhibition, Permutations, is now running at UC Santa Cruz. I'm presenting work alongside nine other graduate students as the culmination of our Digital Arts and New Media masters degrees.

My project is titled what if im the bad guy? and other stories, and is a collection of four experimental pieces "exploring how narrative can be made tactile, tangible, and sculptural" (to quote the show's write-up copy). The piece I showed at this year's IF Demo Fair is part of this collection (although confusingly, that piece is now called maybe make some change; a different piece related to the same subject material now has the title what if im the bad guy).

None of the pieces are straight IF, although two of them use Inform 7 and Glulx under the hood. One of the pieces uses augmented reality and iPads to explore a story positioned in physical space. Another involves navigating through time to explore the history of a fictional house. It may be the first IF displayed in a gallery setting that uses all the buttons on a game controller as input. I'll probably be posting a little more about each piece in the weeks ahead.

All of the pieces except the augmented reality one will eventually have some sort of online release, although this will require some time and thought which I don't have just at the moment... look for them later in the summer, and in the meantime, if you're in or near the Bay Area, you're welcome to visit the show. It's free and open to the public this weekend, plus May 5-8 from 10-4; Friday the 6th it stays open later for an evening reception.