Saturday, October 1, 2011


My good friend and frequent high school collaborator Jeremy Rishe has recently launched First World Problem, a non-linear episodic narrative about two New Yorkers in a relationship slowly disintegrating in the connected yet shallow trivialities of 21st century life. (It's a comedy.) The show consists of a series of episodes, each a Youtube playlist containing a group of short video clips linked thematically or temporally. Both episodes and the individual clips can be watched in any order, to slowly build up a portrait of two characters that's at times hilarious and at times maybe disquietingly close to home. More clips and episodes are being released each week.

I wasn't involved with the production, but it looks to be shaping up into a delightful mash-up of mockumentary, satire, and character study, something like Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf as directed by Christopher Guest. Check out the First World Problem trailer for a taste of the comedy style, or visit the First World Problem Youtube channel to start watching the episodes released so far.

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Jeremy said...

Glad you like it!