Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Why Text Adventures on Mobile Devices are Important

At IndieCade, the number one comment I got on Blue Lacuna, by far, was:

"This would be really cool if you could play it on an [iPad/iPhone/Kindle]. I could see myself playing something like this that way."

How delightful that there is a KickStarter project going on right now to realize this possibility.


Rich Cheng said...

I'm a backer of the Kickstarter Project, but feel I should also point out that it's already possible to play any z-machine game, for free, on iOS devices:

Frotz on the iTunes Store

Dannii said...

Parchment works on the Kindle 3 too. Quixe would as well I presume.

Vaughany said...

I use Frotz on the iPod and the rather oddly named Hunky Punk on Android (.z5 and .z8 games only at the moment).

Being on a mobile device usually comes at a cost of not having a proper keyboard (which I prefer no matter the device) but you don't need to power up a massive computer when a 'phone/iThing will do the same job, and a lot more socially, possibly, too.

dusty_wingly said...

YES this is a terrific idea! I would love to have this on a mobile device...but I wonder if you could use texting as the utility instead? I know Google and Facebook do...I'm sure it could work for people like me who have unlimited texting.