Sunday, October 3, 2010


I'm sure you're getting sick of hearing about it, but I wanted to note that some great reviews of Creating Interactive Fiction with Inform 7 have popped up online in the past few weeks. One's greatest fear when working on a book like this is that it's going to be too obtuse, or conversely too dumbed down, to be useful. It's been wonderful to hear that people seem to be enjoying the book and finding it a useful resource for learning Inform 7.

One place without any reviews yet is the book's Amazon page. If any past or future reviewers have an account there and wouldn't mind posting your thoughts (perhaps on a break from reviewing comp games?) it would be a much-appreciated way to help me a little with the book's promotion.


Zack Urlocker said...

Aaron, good seeing you at the meet up at UCSC. I posted a preliminary write up on my site and a review at Amazon, but perhaps it has not yet been approved there.

For those on the fence, this is a great book, just go buy it.


Aaron A. Reed said...

Great to meet you too, Zack, and thanks so much for the gift. Hopefully I can make it up for the next Bay Area IF meetup. I'll add this link to the list of reviews.