Saturday, October 31, 2009

On the Lecture Circuit

Since starting the Digital Arts & New Media MFA program at UC Santa Cruz this August, I've had very little time to look back at Blue Lacuna. There was more I'd wanted to do with it, particularly on the presentation side, and I still hope to get to a Release 4 some day that takes advantage of the recent speed improvements in Inform 7, but damned if I know where I'm going to find the time...

On the plus side, academia is offering me plenty of opportunities to present my work to audiences. This past Friday I did a overview talk on Blue Lacuna for a group of students at the Expressive Intelligence lab, where there seemed to be a lot of excitement and interest in what I was trying to do with that project. Next week, I'll do a talk about blueful for about 170 students in Introduction to Digital Media, the class I'm a teaching assistant for. (The timing of this is lovely, since we've talked a lot about hypertext and just last week got into social networking and crowdsourcing.) Finally, on November 12th I'll be speaking in Reno, Nevada at the Prospectives.09 digital arts festival, where Blue Lacuna was accepted into their "Present/Symposium" track. I'm not sure how big a crowd to expect for this, but I do know it's a large auditorium and I'll be on a panel with three other grad students afterwards.

Meanwhile, new projects are pending. Exciting things are afoot on both the interactive and non-interactive fronts. For now, though, you'll just have to be patient and >WAIT.