Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Release 2 of Blue Lacuna

The second release of Blue Lacuna is now available on the downloads page, fixing a large number of minor and one or two major issues that players have found in the first week of release. There were a few cases where, in certain scenarios, it was possible to break the game and strand yourself; if you're playing the first release and think you've done this, e-mail me and I may be able to help.

A note: save games for Inform stories do not transfer between versions, so if you've started playing already with an earlier release, you may prefer to stick with it.

Thanks very much to those who have sent in bug reports, and please continue to do so!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

pruning blueful

blueful, by its nature, was designed to be ephemeral, to slowly vanish into the noise of the web. But I plan to keep it "pruned" and functional as long as I have the time and money to afford to do so. I just recreated the node that was formerly a wikipedia user page (who knew even user pages have to be on topic?) which makes the sixth time I've had to redo a node since blueful went up about a week ago.

One of the interesting things about blueful to me is that the entire thing is really a violation of terms of service. Except for a few things like the flickr images, I am technically using most of these sites-- MySpace, Craigslist, for purposes other than that which their creators intend you to, and in some cases even allow you to. Several people have commented that they feel like explorers or trespassers following a secret trail through sites where others conduct their business unawares. Perhaps one of the reasons that blueful has been so well-received is this feeling of illicitness, the mild shock of seeing art in a place where it's normally not expected, or even allowed.