Friday, January 30, 2009

A review of blueful.

Lara Crigger at Gamers With Jobs has just posted a review of blueful that's about half extremely positive and half extremely negative. Both halves of the review (and the comments below) raise good points, but mainly I'm just ticked to have blueful called "genius," "pretentious," "brilliant," and "obnoxious" within the span of a few paragraphs.

I'm really loving the reaction to blueful so far, both good and bad. I can only imagine how much people are going to hate and love Blue Lacuna.


Ron Newcomb said...
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Ron Newcomb said...

Well at least she admits she doesn't "get it". AFAICT, she doesn't know 1) I-F is usually in second-person, referring to the reader (not the author), 2) it's a fairly straightforward work of fantasy (not psychology), and 3) the trip through blueful is analogous to the protag's trip through various worlds -- learning to navigate their cultures, with the mechanism of painting / hyperlinking being the one constant throughout.

Granted, I are not literature stoodent, but I thought all this was fairly obvious.

I'm just trying to puzzle out what the work says about our real lives, spent endlessly site-hopping instead of getting to know our next-door neighbors.