Friday, January 2, 2009


What a strange journey it's been.

This is probably close to the final word count. Testers are giving the last few chapters one more polish, and then it'll be released.

One of the things on my shrinking to-do list that I recently crossed off without doing was writing a foreword. It may be that I need some time and distance before I'm able to sum this thing up, or add anything useful in terms of framing or setting-up. For now it will have to stand on its own giant, misshapen, strange, and wobbly legs, for better or worse, and see if it can lumber out into the world on its own to find an audience, and devour them.

Maybe by the time the Deluxe Release comes out this spring (and which you'll start hearing more about here before much longer), I'll be ready to introduce it. For now, Blue Lacuna just is. I hope you like it.

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