Thursday, November 27, 2008

Final Testing Begins!

Just sent this to the beta mailing list: if you're interested in testing and aren't signed up, you can do so at .

This Thanksgiving, I am thankful that Blue Lacuna is (finally, finally) ready for final beta testing!

For those who haven't tried it yet, Blue Lacuna is an interactive novel in the tradition of Myst and the classic text adventures, where your choices don't just decide the ending, but determine the nature of the story being told, and your role in it.

For those who tested before, Blue Lacuna is both a) fully completed now, and b) much improved based on suggestions and testing that happened in the first go-round earlier in the year.

I realize it has been quite a while since my last mailing, and many of you may no longer be interested; I also realize that those of you who helped test in the first round last spring may have had enough! If this is you, please feel free to unsubscribe (link at bottom); I certainly won't take it personally!

For the rest of you: I'd like to get an idea how many of the people on this mailing list are interested in testing and have some time to donate at some point in the next four weeks. If you think this might be you, please drop me a line to let me know (

Rather than turning everyone loose on different chunks of the game each week, this time I'll be giving the full version to a few people at a time. Your goal will be to play it through from beginning to end (probably over a few sessions). After the first few people make it through and I fix any discovered bugs, I'll unleash a few more of you on the corrected game, and so on until release, hopefully in about a month.

Let me know if you're interested in helping out with the final beta, and thanks in advance for your generosity! I hope those of you in America had a wonderful Thanksgiving, and those of you elsewhere are looking forward to a great weekend.

Take care,


(P.S. Check out in the days to come-- there may be some changes.)

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