Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Beta Begins

For anyone who didn't catch the announcement on, I've started a mailing list for beta testers. You can sign up at Testing begins on Friday and will continue until the release of Blue Lacuna (yes, that is the official title now) on April 2nd.

I will probably discontinue posting here about the game during the beta, so if you want to keep abreast of updates, please do sign up for the mailing list. I may still post the odd entry if I need to complain, reminisce, or otherwise do stuff that wouldn't be appropriate for the mailing list, as I can still maintain the illusion that nobody reads this blog but me, when I close my eyes tight enough.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

3 months to go.

Just about 90 days till release and I wish I had another year. Such is ze life of an artiste.

Things are more or less on track. Later this week I'll start putting out feelers to gather my testers together. Still working out procedures for how I'm going to manage it all, but: the idea is to divide the remaining time up into week-long chunks, each one beginning with a "milestone" release and certain things testers are instructed to poke at. The following week's milestone release will include bug fixes and a new set of stuff to test. In this way I'll keep the train moving as I'm laying down the tracks in front of it. The hope is that testers can tune in and help out on whatever weeks they have time and interest for, even if it's just one or two. They'll have a week to make some time to test without having to worry about not having the latest build.

I'll be launching the website soon, as well as two mailing lists: a weekly one for testers, and a monthly one with more general updates. Check back in a few days for the details.

The end is finally in sight!