Sunday, December 21, 2008

Tweaking and shaping...

After three weeks of testing, I'm amazed and pleased to report that Blue Lacuna has been tremendously improved. Everything from spelling and punctuation errors to pacing, tone, description, and story ideas have been thoughtfully hashed through and commented on by my team of testers. Big thanks to Stephanie, Doug Egan, Depresiv, Victor Gijsbers, Emily Boegheim, Alexei, Scix, Henry, Sharon Rishe, James Jolley, and Neale for their help in this phase of testing.

After three weeks of testing, I'm also terrified and alarmed to report that nobody has finished the game yet. (Though not for lack of trying -- I've sort of forgotten how big it is.)

I think I'm going to grab a quick team of people to run through the last few chapters of the game hard looking for bugs. The beginning is holding up very well and lots of people are working on the middle right now, but the end still needs a lot of testing attention, and isn't likely to get enough through natural processes.

But we're almost there...

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