Tuesday, July 1, 2008


Wrote a 4,000 word conversation today that I feel pretty good about: "Long Walks." It's not very interactive but I think the writing is good. Also started on a system to replace Inform 7's scenes in conversation with a more flexible object, the episode. This is customized for Blue Lacuna and should make keeping track of and debugging the 100+ Progue scenes easier. Essentially I've categorized all the types of Progue scenes and moved the code for each type into one place instead of dozens of places.

New motivation system: letter grades on each part of the story / interface. F is unimplemented, A is "proud of." No A's. On the plus side, only 5 F's. (Out of about 25 items.) New system is to increase one itme one letter grade per day of BL work, and to write one conversation per day.

Talking like Rorschach. Can't seem to use pronouns. What's happening to?

Was thrilled to see many of my suggestions for Inform 7 show up in the preliminary draft document Graham is sending around, and even more thrilled to see many of them marked with "We agree." Even the compilation speed issue may be addressed soon. Woohoo!

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