Monday, April 9, 2007


Great progress tonight. The last puzzle on Lacuna is coded (I could put a qualifier there, but in the spirit of "progress!" I'll abstain) and nearly all of the supporting mechanisms are in place. I even found time to add some details to things like the lava tunnel door. Furthermore, I believe every room on Lacuna now has a description, although many are not fully implemented with all of the time of day and weather details, and there's still plenty of work to do fleshing out the environment. But: all of the objects necessary to solve puzzle exist, and all of the game mechanics to support them are functional, although certainly bugs are still there. Trust me, this really is progress!

I still need to backbone out the two endgame worlds-- one of them has all the rooms and some mechanisms coded already, so it should be simple; the other will require a bit of coding but nothing migraine-inducing-- and then deal with the final business on Lacuna-- and then-- wow-- the rough cut will be done!

Then it's just the part about my main character having only one of his two dozen conversations written.

Progress.... progress...

(Hey! 76,107 words!)

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