Thursday, April 5, 2007

A person is usually hale

I put in the infrastructure for the "injury" business, a way of allowing agency. Part of the design philosophy of Lacuna is to, whenever possible, allow the player to do something they've requested. In many games with a lake you'd receive, at best, a stock message like "There's no time for swimming" if you tried to jump in: Lacuna will cheerfully describe you taking a nice swim, even if it doesn't necessarily advance the story. One of the interesting side effects of this is that allowing the player to do somewhat dangerous things opens up new angles on the storytelling and the relationship with the central character. Indeed, the scene I coded tonight might even occur before you've met the central character, leading to a very interesting starting point for defining a relationship with him.

I'd hoped to code more "conversation backbones" this evening, but only ended up having an hour to work because of spending the evening with friends. My goal for the weekend is to get my skeletal version of Lacuna complete, and, by Sunday night, "play it" all the way through for the first time. My earlier analogy of a rough cut was perhaps a bit generous; it's going to be more like laying all the storyboards together in a row, but it will still be a notable milestone.

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