Tuesday, March 27, 2007


Dived into the second "endgame" world tonight for a change of pace and to stay motivated, breaking the first 1500 words of ground on a hitherto untouched portion of the game. My ambition is sometimes frightening: this "endgame" -- one of two -- exceeds the length of many full IF pieces in and of itself. Plotting out the map in more finalized detail, planning for NPCs and scenes and sketching the beginnings of the introductory conversation, I try to ignore a vertigo much like that I experienced while climbing a canyon wall in Grand Staircase Escalante this past weekend-- the unnerving realization of how much empty space there is between you and your goal.

Keeping forward momentum is a difficult task amid new mentally-taxing work responsibilities and attempts to have some semblance of a social life. I often sit down to work on Lacuna and become almost hopelessly lost in the scale of it: flipping through the design document, merely a sketch of a proper DD but itself over 10,000 words now, or paging through source code for sections of ambiance or room description or puzzle mechanic I coded eight months ago for what seems now another game, it is hard to keep the haystack in sight for the ten million needles surrounding me.

If I ever finish this Atlas-humbling project, I will gain at the very least an immeasurable sense of accomplishment, up there with the Columbuses, Shackletons, Hilarys, and Armstrongs of history.

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